Emergency exit/egress window

A window big enough and low enough so that occupants can escape through the opening in an emergency, such as a fire. In the United States, exact specifications for emergency windows in bedrooms are given in many building codes. Vehicles, such as buses and aircraft, frequently have emergency exit windows as well.[4]

casementwindow.jpeg Casement

A casement window (or casement) is a window that is attached to its frame by one or more hinges.[1] Casement windows are hinged at the side. (Windows hinged at the top are referred to as awning windows. Ones hinged at the bottom are called hoppers.) They are used singly or in pairs within a common frame, in which case they are hinged on the outside.They are opened with a crank, lever, or cam handle, which is placed around hand height or at the bottom and serves as a window lock.[3] A crank, stay, or friction hinge is necessary when the window opens outward, to hold the window in position despite wind

doublehungtiltwindow.jpeg Double Hung Tilt

Double-hung sash window

This sash window is the traditional style of window in the United Kingdom, and many other places that were formerly colonized by the UK, with two parts (sashes) that overlap slightly and slide up and down inside the frame. The two parts are not necessarily the same size. Nowadays, most new double-hung sash windows use spring balances to support the sashes, but traditionally, counterweights held in boxes on either side of the window were used. These were and are attached to the sashes using pulleys of either braided cord or, later, purpose-made chain.

baywindow.jpeg Bay

Bay Winndow

A multi-panel window, with at least three panels set at different angles to create a protrusion from the wall line.
slidingwindow.jpeg Sliding

Sliding Window                                                                                                    Horizontal sliding windows consisting of one stationary panel and one or two operating panels.
Available in OX, XO, XOX configurations. All handings are viewed from the exterior.

awningwindow.jpeg Awning

Awning window

An awning window is a casement window that is hung horizontally, hinged on top, so that it swings outward like an awning. Emilie Poisson designed this window.

[edit] Hopper window

A hopper window is a bottom hung casement window that opens similar to a draw bridge typically opening to the outside

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