Our products are not skylights. They are high-performance daylighting systems that use advanced optics to significantly improve the way daylight is harnessed. Discover a new opportunity for natural lighting.

Bristolite Skylights, one of the most recognized names in skylighting for more than three decades, has led the industry with many skylight designs, sizes and options. Our vast product line, including Residential, Custom and Industrial Skylights, as well as Smoke Vents and Smoke Hatch Domes, has always been known for dependability and variety.

The no leak skylight banner

VELUX America is introducing a new blind collection featuring a designer series by Karim Rashid, a leading international figure in the field of modern design. Factory-installed skylight blinds will now be available in 85 colors and patterns, offering homeowners new opportunities to add decorating flair while increasing both the visual appeal and energy efficiency of their skylights.


A new series of replacement No Leak Skylights designed to simplify replacement of VELUX and other manufacturers’ skylights is also being introduced. The units feature a larger, 2.75-inch wide deck seal that allows them to span inconsistent, rough opening dimensions.


A new 14-inch diameter curb mount SUN TUNNEL™ Skylight for use on residential as well as commercial roofs with low slopes will be introduced, as will upgraded solar collectors and a new pump station for VELUX solar water heating systems.


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